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Verizon Points Finger At Netflix

by Jeff Baumgartner | July 11, 2014

In the latest chapter in the ongoing network neutrality debate brewing between Netflix and Verizon

BITAG To Look at Peering

by John Eggerton | June 18, 2014

The Technical Working Group Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group (BITAG), the multistakeholder

FiOS Adds ESPN Nets To Mobile App

by Kent Gibbons | June 10, 2014

Verizon released an update for its Verizon FiOS Mobile app that includes streaming of ESPN networks (ESPN,

What’s Next For OnCue?

by Jeff Baumgartner | June 03, 2014

It turns out that Erik Huggers is not the only former Intel Media exec who’s not sticking around for

Huggers Exiting Verizon

by Jeff Baumgartner | June 01, 2014

Erik Huggers is exiting Verizon Communications roughly five months after the telco inked a deal to acquire