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FCC Nominees’ Hold Ended, Really, Despite What Senate Site Says

5/07/2012 12:01 AM Eastern

Visitors to the website
could have been forgiven for some confusion
last week. The copy of the Senate
Executive Calendar, to which the Senate
clerk’s office referred The Wire when asked
about the timing of a vote on Federal Communications
Commission nominees, suggested
there was still a hold on Ajit Pai and
Jessica Rosenworcel, the Republican and
Democratic nominees for vacant seats on
the commission.

But Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Neb.) had
announced the week before that he was
lifting that hold after the FCC gave up more
documents on a controversial waiver to a
company called LightSquared.

Of course, an initial FCC document drop
that many had hoped would break that logjam
was insufficiently responsive for Grassley.
Had the senator changed his mind
about this new documents?

No, a spokeswoman for Grassley said last
week. “Sen. Grassley’s staff is making sure
the Senate floor staff members have official
notification and/or anything else they need
to be clear that Sen. Grassley
has lifted his hold on
the FCC nominees,” the
spokesperson told The

Apparently, the calendar
went to press — or in
this case PDF — before
Grassley let go of his hold
in a statement mid-day
April 26.

The Senate is expected
to approve the two new
commissioners by Memorial
Day, bringing it to
a full five commissioners.

Wire Correspondent
Files Item From Bed,
After Bike Accident

The item above this was
filed by The Wire’s man
in D.C., John Eggerton
— with an assist from
his wife, Ellen — from
Fairfax Hospital in Virginia
after a lunch-time
bike ride last Tuesday
(May 1) ended in a onebike
accident. While adjusting
his odometer (we know), he suddenly
pitched over the handlebars. “I landed, fortunately,
between the street and the sidewalk”
on a strip of grass near his home office in
Springfi eld, Va., he told The Wire.

Though he wasn’t wearing a helmet (we
know), he suffered no serious head injury, he
said. But then, he said, he once knocked out
the windshield in a Ford Pinto with his head
and lived to tell the tale. Eggerton, 55 and a
Broadcasting & Cable employee since 1981,
was back at home late Wednesday, being ministered
to by Ellen and his three daughters.


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