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Jon Stewart, ‘Daily Show’ Swoon Over Verizon Getting the iPhone

1/17/2011 12:01 AM Eastern

New York — Jon Stewart was physically aroused by
the prospect of dumping AT&T and getting an iPhone
through Verizon Wireless.

On Comedy
Central’s The Daily
Show With Jon
last Tuesday,
he said Verizon
iPhone announcement
put a “spring
in my step, a certain
twinkle in …
Let’s go with my

“Freedom!” Stewart
bellowed, to
audience cheers.

Was it a genuine
cri de coeur? Or a
spoof of the obsessive
media attention
leading up to
the launch?

Whatever it was,
Daily Show British
John Oliver was
close to being gang-tackled by security at the Verizon
press conference in executing his shtick.

About 10 minutes before the press conference was set
to begin, Oliver leaped to his feet and shattered the silence.
“F--- yeah!” he screamed, arms raised. “Thank
you! Oh, thank God! Thank you!”

Nervous glances were exchanged among baffled
Fourth Estaters. Then, less than a minute later, he delivered
exactly the same rant. (His camera guy didn’t get a
good first take.)

Two event staffers rushed over to have a quick word.
Evidently, Oliver assured them he would keep his enthusiasm
in check for the rest of the presentation, held at the
Time Warner Center.

The Wire caught up with Oliver by the elevators afterward.
Was he worried about getting the old heave-ho?
“It’s always a worry,” he said with a grin.

Added Oliver: “It’s a weird way to spend your day …
Someone’s always coming up to you saying, ‘Once more,
and we’ll have to ask you to leave.’ ”

Sportsman Net Hooks
Beau Turner’s Show,
With Ted as Guest

Sportsman Channel has made a casting catch: Legendary
cable programmer and philanthropist Ted Turner will be on
its air this summer as part of his son Beau’s first TV series.

The weekly Beau Knows Outdoors debuts in July, featuring
sportsman and conservationist Beau Turner. It’s a new
type of outdoors program, focusing not only hunting and
fishing but land conservation and management issues that
arise from overseeing Turner Enterprises’ more than 2 million
acres around the country.

Emphasizing youth participation, Turner will take children
from his namesake Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center
for adventures in the great outdoors as part of the show.

“We need to get youth involved, but we’re going up
against videogames, Facebook and TV,” Turner told The
Wire. “If we don’t get our youth enthused, we’re facing a
loss of species — the outdoorsman in America.”

Production began a year ago across properties in New
Mexico, Kansas, Montana, Florida, South Dakota, Arkansas
and elsewhere. “I don’t know of a better bucket list of
the outdoors,” Turner said.

Sportsman Channel CEO Gavin Harvey said filming initially
yielded eight half-hour episodes, completing a story
arc, but Sportsman expects to add four or five more episodes
to the rookie run and more seasons down the road.

Ted will be featured in one of the installments midway
through the cycle, talking about quail conservation.

“He has so many things going on globally,” Beau Turner
said of his dad. “I’m happy that he’s involved. He’s my best
friend, next to my son. He’s excited about the show, and it
will be a good place for viewers to hear him talk about the
quail template.”

Ed Asner at TCA:
Betty White’s Hot,
Leachman’s … Not

PASADENA, CALIF. — Betty White is hot, thanks to her role in
TV Land’s ensemble comedy hit Hot in Cleveland. And Ed
may be her No. 1 fan.

Shortly after White met with TV writers at the Television
Critics Association Winter Tour in Pasadena, Calif., on Jan.
5, Asner, her former castmate on The Mary Tyler Moore
, was on the same stage, talking about his upcoming
CMT scripted comedy, Working Class (debuts Jan. 28).

“Betty White’s in the building,” Asner said, not once but
twice. “I hope I get to touch her.”

Later, Asner, who
played gruff editor Lou
Grant to White’s vampy
Sue Ann Nivens on
The Mary Tyler Moore
, was asked if
White still looks hot in
his eyes.

“Well, I just had
cataracts, and I’m still
adjusting, but what I
see is looking pretty
good,” he responded.
Later, Asner mentioned
another Mary
Tyler Moore Show

alum, Cloris Leachman, who’s made a comeback of sorts
recently as a blue comic on Comedy Central roasts and as
Maw-Maw on the Fox comedy Raising Hope.

The question that started it was about Asner’s six Emmy
statuettes: “Are they in a closet somewhere?”

“In the closet? Are you out of your goddamn mind?”
Asner replied, according to the TCA transcript. “We have
a special vault at the front door. No. They are scattered
throughout the house, judiciously scattered, not too overwhelming.
You know, I just read Cloris Leachman had eight
Emmys. Is that true?”

Questioner: “Yes.”

Ed Asner: “Bitch.”

Mary Tyler Moore, incidentally, steals a couple of
scenes in Hot in Cleveland’s season two debut (Jan. 19),
sharing a jail cell with White’s wisecracking character, Elka.
MTM’s best line reprises a famous Lou Grant punchline: “I
hate spunk.”


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