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WiFi Under The Hood

One of the blessings of digital life is the rise in indoor and outdoor WiFi hot spots, for those moments when you left whatever at home and need to fetch it from somewhere in the cloud. Or any one of dozens of other use cases.


Wheeler Hosts a Host of Former Commissioners




The FCC celebrated its 80th birthday June 19 with a reunion of former chairs and commissioners, hosted by the current chair, Tom Wheeler.


It was described by one attendee as "mostly old friends talking," as well as snacking (pita, hummus, chips, shrimp), though there were speeches by Wheeler and former chairs Mignon Clyburn, Michael Copps, Michael Powell, Reed Hundt and Dick Wiley.


DigitalSmiths Study Affirms Cord-Changing, 'High Dissatisfaction'


With each new survey and analysis about the outlook for cord-trimming and similar media consumption behaviors, the situation becomes more perplexing.  At this stage, the best we can expect is "directional" advice - pointing which way the business may be heading, but not specifically defining the scale of changes in viewing activities.


Netflix: Strong-Arming the Net-Neutrality Debate


The following is an edited excerpt from a June 12 blog post by National Cable & Telecommunications Association president and CEO Michael Powell.


‘I Want the One With the Big Gbs!’


DENVER — Nothing like a fresh batch of data about broadband usage, topped off with the start of the World Cup — always a streaming-video gauntlet — to check in on the Hype Central category that is Gigabit services.


What's It All About, Linaro?


Amid the lingo of open source software is a new-ish entrant: The Linaro Foundation, which dropped an intersection with cable in the May 29 formation of the “Linaro Digital Home Group,” abbreviated “LHG.”


What’s it all about? On the surface, it’s a way for chip makers, set-top/gateway manufacturers and service providers to manage the complexities involved with moving from one type of silicon chip architecture (“MIPS”), to another (“ARM”).



Mobile Video Growth: A 13-Fold Jump By 2019



For cable operators fixated on the looming wireless opportunities, this week's "Ericsson Mobility Report"  quantifies the vast expansion in wireless broadband - especially video - during the next five years: a 13-fold increase in mobile video traffic by 2019.



NBA Finals: Ratings Should Heat Up Early With Miami-San Antonio Rematch


Are pro basketball fans ready for the Heat-Spurs rematch, for the third Finals meeting between The King and Old Man Riverwalk? Adam Silver and John Skipper certainly hope so.



Oliver's Interpretation of Net Neutrality Casts Comcast as 'Monopolist'


 As far as we know, Comcast and Time Warner Cable have remained "neutral" about carrying Sunday's Last Week Tonight show on HBO.




They may not be laughing about it, but (again as far as we can tell) they haven't excised commentator John Oliver's excoriating analysis of cable's role in the current net neutrality deliberations.