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GigaPower’s Potential

If – and it’s still a huge if -- AT&T decides to do more than talk and expand its fiber-based U-verse with GigaPower network to 21 U.S. metros, just how exposed would the incumbent cable operators be in those markets?


Can ‘WiFi First’ Work?

Cable’s  history with mobile services is full of stops, starts and outright disasters.  In recent years, we’ve witnessed the scuttling of the Sprint “Pivot” partnership/experiment, cable's partnership and investment with Clearwire that eventually turned to dust, and Cox Communications' flirtation with building its own mobile network (Cox eventualy decided to cut an

Google Places Bet On Drones

Drone maker Titan Aereospace reportedly flirted with Facebook, but ended up tying the knot with Google.


Titan Aereospace, the New Mexico-based developer of high-altitude, solar-powered drones, confirmed Monday on its Web site that it has been acquired by Google.


But how Google might use those drones appears to be (ahem) a little bit up in the air.

Google Fiber Fever

That sound you heard when AT&T announced this week that it was in "advanced discussions" to bring its fiber-fed U-verse with GigaPower service to six cities in North Carolina might have been the laughter of Google and Google Fiber, which has put Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte on its list of potential sites for a proposed 34-market expansion

Charting Charter’s Progress

Charter Communications’ launch of a new app that can stream more than 130 live TV channels in the home to tablets and smartphones (with some out-of-home access expected down the road) marks the latest step in the operator’s transformational process under Tom Rutledge, who took the helm more than two years ago.


More Signs Of ‘Android TV’

In another indication that Google is nearing the launch of Android TV, the successor to the much-maligned Google TV platform, The Verge posted a series of screen grabs and data from documentation tied to the new platform.


Google And Coffee-To-The-Home?

Those jokesters at Google Fiber are at it again. Following up last year’s “Google Fiber Poles” April 1 ruse (which I fell prey to until I remembered the date…it was just believable enough),  Google is putting a scare into Starbucks across the Kansas City area as it unveils its latest pilot offering: Coffee-to-the-Home.


Pitching Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s new Fire TV video streaming/gaming machine, at $99 each, is probably on the cusp of an impulse buy, and one that might give consumers pause before pulling the trigger on making a purchase.