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Cohen: Comcast's Diversity Efforts Are Getting On Up

Comcast EVP David Cohen got a chance to showcase some of his company's diverse content at a premiere... More

That Other ‘War’

More and more often these days we are framing industry programming disputes as retrans "wars," or "b

Woodward and Feldstein

Watergate was a boon to journalism schools everywhere, prompting a generation of kids to want to be

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Navigating the Notion of Pedestrian Dead Reckoning

  Dead reckoning. Unless you’re a pilot, you probably haven’t heard the term in a while.... More

WiFi Under The Hood

One of the blessings of digital life is the rise in indoor and outdoor WiFi hot spots, for those mom

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Rough Road for Internet of Things

  It's been a tough week for the Internet of Things.   Two cautionary reports des... More

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Comcast Customer-Service Call: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Breaking up proved hard to do for technology journalist Ryan Block when he and his wife, writer Vero... More

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Today’s Telecom: A Plethora of 'Mixed Signals'

Four years ago, the editors at Multichannel News asked me to create a title for my new column. &nb... More

Some 10 O'Clock Show Reviews

A few previews of shows I recommend early on this week:   Longmire, A&E, series 3 pre... More

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It’s Your Move, JB

With all the talk around 21st Century Fox’s pursuit of Time Warner Inc., something I fear is getti... More

Charlie’s Angle

Charlie Ergen may play up the homespun side of his nature at times – make no mistake, this guy is

'Forget It'

The broiling carriage dispute between Time Warner Cable’s SportsNet LA and DirecTV took a nasty tu

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Starz Serving Underserved Audiences

Starz is making inroads on its efforts to reach out to underserved audiences on premium TV through i... More

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Imagine…The World Cup, LeBron

  Imagine if the U.S. men’s national team were in the World Cup final. Our nation would be... More

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Will Arris Add Netflix To App Mix?

Arris isn’t ready to list out all the apps that will be available via its new "Arris Market" servi... More

The Post-CableCARD Path

The commercial agreement between Comcast and TiVo announced last week outlined big ambitions, but pr

Roku Tosses A Hulu Hook

Looking to amp up its own user base while doing the same for one of its OTT partners, Roku has launc

Squee! BBC America's The Musketeers

Television Critics Association, Beverly Hills - Well, this could be great fun… BBC Americ... More

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Cable Needs A Tailwind

  You would be hard pressed to find a better performing category of stocks than cable – ... More


When the 108-year-old hickory tree came crashing through our family room on Monday night, the hou

Kids of Summer

Sometimes you can win a game just by letting your competitor make mistakes.Our cover story this we

Alive and Kicking

With all the pontificating over the death of print, I sometimes feel that reports of our demise ar